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I have factory navigation on my vehicle, will this unit work?
Yes, our units will work but they will not be an easy plug and play installation.
You will need to hard wire the whole unit since the plugs will be different.

How do I know if I have premium sound on my vehicle?
The best way to find out is by calling your dealer and giving them your vin number on the car.
Another way is to check the speakers for a name brand. If you have an amplifier or more than 7 speakers,
that also qualifies as having premium sound.

I have premium sound or DSP on my vehicle, will this unit work?
Yes they will work but you will need to bypass your current amp (hardwire the unit and get a 5 channel amp)
in order for our unit to work properly. However, since you have premium sound (especially DSP users) you will
notice a 20% drop in sound quality, this is why we usually don't recommend it.

Are these units backup camera ready?
Yes, all of our units are backup camera ready.

I have Onstar on my vehicle, will this unit support it?
You will need purchase a separate harness to retain your ONSTAR.

I have Satellite Radio on my vehicle, will I be able to retain it with this radio?
Only Tacoma and Prius units come with satellite radio compatibility options.
However, since all of our units have A2DP (able to stream music through Bluetooth),
many customers download the SAT radio app on their phone and stream it that way.

I have steering controls on my car, will I be able to retain these functions?
Yes, all of our units come with a steering control harness. Therefore, you will retain all of your
steering control functions.

Will this unit fit perfectly or will I have to do some modification?
Yes, all of our units are made to fit and look just like an OEM unit. You will not need to do any
type of modification during installation.

For the Android Units, what version of Android are they running and can they be upgraded?
The Android units all run Android OS 2.2 as of now. Unfortunately, they are not able to be upgraded
without severely damaging your system.

Do these units come with the map navigation already installed?
Yes, we upload the complementary navigation software on the units via SD card.
A North America map is installed by default, but we can also tailor to different map requests.

If the maps become outdated, how do we go about getting updates?
We always provide the latest maps on the units, however if after time you receive a "Map is Outdated"
message, you can simply contact us and we can update it.

If I pair up my phone to the bluetooth on the unit, am I able to stream music from my phone through the unit?
Yes, all of our units support A2Dp, once you pair up the phone to the Bluetooth of the unit, you can easily play the music from your phone, Pandora, or any music app that you have installed on your phone.

Do these units have an Aux input?
Most of our units come with an AUX input, the rest have a 3.5mm input in the front.
For units that don't have this input, you can easily purchase an RCA to 3.5mm adapter and run the AUX input.

Would I be able to connect an aftermarket amplifier and sub to this radio?
Yes, all of our units have RCA connections for aftermarket amplifiers. However, only certain units have a sub input.
Additionally, only the Dynavin models have a control on screen for the sub woofer levels.

What does this item come with?
All of our units come with all accessories needed for installation so you will not need to purchase anything else.
They come with the Ipod cable, main power harness, steering control harness or canbus, RCA connections, GPS antenna, remote control, stylus, and manual.

The unit doesn't take DVD/CD's all the way in or it doesn't play them, whats going on?
Make sure you have removed the 2 screws that are on top of the unit. These will obstruct the DVD/CD from going in all the way.

Every time I put in a DVD or a movie, I get a safety message or the screen is black but I can hear the sound, what can I do?
By law, it is illegal to watch movies while driving.
All units have a safety feature to not display an image.
Some customers choose to ground the pink wire labeled "Parking" or "Brake" and it allows them to watch movies on the unit.

I have a backup camera installed to the unit but every time I put it in reverse, I get no image, why is that?
If you wish to connect a backup camera to the unit, you will need to connect the "REVERSE" cable to your reverse lights or anything that powers on when you put your car in reverse. Then connect the camera's RCA to the "CCD IN", "CAMERA" or "CAM IN" (Depending on the unit, they're labeled differently) on the back of the unit. Then you will need to place the camera on the back of you vehicle and run the other side of the RCA to the camera (unless its wireless). Then connect the camera's RED and BLACK (power and ground) to any power and ground source you can get a hold of.

I am not getting any sound, only sound on the front/rear speakers or the sound goes in and out, what can I do?
Make sure that you have pushed the main harness all the way in securely on the back of the unit. Some of these harnesses
will require some force for it to snap in securely to make a good connection.

I have a Tacoma or Prius unit and I am not getting any sound or the volume is way too loud, why is that?
For the Tacoma and Prius units, you need to change the amplifier settings depending if you have JBL or non-JBL sound. Go to the DVD window and click the right knob, you will then see "Brightness Settings" appear. Keep pushing the right knob until you see "I.AMP" or "E.AMP" If you have JBL, set it to "E.AMP" if non-JBL, set to "I.AMP" This will solve the issue of no sound or having the volume too loud.

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