Universal Blind Spot Detection Sensor System

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This is our universal blind spot sensor detection system. With this product you'll be able to have an extra set of eyes in your blind spot area for the rear of your vehicle. The warning LED light will be on if there is anything in your blind spot. While driving and attempting to make a lane change and using your turn signals, the sensor will blink and also make a beeping noise if there is a car in your blind spot area. Please note the following:

- The the sensor themselves must be at least 20 inches from the floor. If they are below 20 inches they will need an angled adapter to make the sensor leveled.

- This kit requires a professional installer or someone who is skilled in wiring and automotive vehicles.

- This does require running your wires through your car under the panels and carpet.

- This installation requires you to drill two holes on both sides of your rear bumpers to install the sensors.

- This requires slicing into your vehicle's wiring in a couple areas.

We offer a 1 year warranty on all our products. The warranty covers the product itself and does not cover any shipping fees.