OttoNavi Universal Car Rear View Waterproof Camera Auto Parking Reverse Backup Camera

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Use the hole drill to mount the camera at the back of the car,
connect the rear wiring of the rear mirror,
camera signal connect one cable of the signal extension cord,
connect the extension cord to your car monitor.

1) Using full image sensor designed for automotive rearview development design, using digital fill and software technology, clear image in daytime, and lower at night.
2) View 140 degree super large visual range, reversing more secure
3) -30 to +60 temperature range of application, fully in line with the application of automotive environment.
4) With reverse reference line (electronic scale line), the distance of the obstacle at a glance
5) The factory after the high pressure water immersion test and 12 hours on the electrical aging test, multilayer waterproof design, truly high pressure washing and immersion
6) Installed in the rear handle and the license plate lights, equipped with self tapping screws
7) Video cable connection monitor, power cable connection car tail light power supply, reversing, reversing monitoring system automatically start working, you can clearly see the car after the situation

Package includes:
1 x Car Rear View Camera
1 x Video Cable
1 x Power Cable